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jacobmatias ♡ 8 ( +1 | -1 )
teacher needed I need someone to give me tips every now and then by private messages.
skeeterss0 ♡ 17 ( +1 | -1 )
Jacob.... I'm not a lot higher than you but I will teach you what I can if you play me.....I'm on vacation right now but will be back on aug. 15. private message me some time and I will help however i can.
myway316 ♡ 2 ( +1 | -1 )
Be glad to... anything specific?
olympio ♡ 8 ( +1 | -1 )
i messaged him he responded saying he's changed his mind and wishes to seek his own path to learning.
drgandalf ♡ 63 ( +1 | -1 )
Hiring A Chess Tutor is usually the fastest way to improve one's understanding and play of chess. These are the setiments of Capablanca, past world champion.

A player, rated under 1000, should select someone at least 1500 as a tutor. The level of rapport between tutor and student is as important as the material covered. If there is a strong bond between them, the student tends to improve rapidly. At some point, the student will need a new tutor, usually when the student is within 200 rating points of his tutor.

I seek a tutor who is at least 400 rating points beyond my high, who sees chess the way I do. I am willing to pay for tutoring.
prazam ♡ 39 ( +1 | -1 )
Petrosian and Defensive Chess books I'm club chess player. My style (if i can call it that) is very defensive and is seeking constantly for prophylatic moves. I've searched in and in a variety of other shops for Petrosian and pure defesive chess books. Petrosian ones seems to be out of order, particularly the ones with annotated e commented games. Where can I buy them? Please, help me. Petrosian is my life. Thank you.
justawful ♡ 38 ( +1 | -1 )
prazam For Petrosian books you could try here:

Or, there is a nice Petrosian book for sale at Just go to ebay and type in Petrosian.
chessnovice ♡ 6 ( +1 | -1 )
... Boy, I feel like I need a chess tutor badly.
drgandalf ♡ 18 ( +1 | -1 )
Chessnovice At a rating of 1605, you should seek a chess tutor rated 2000+ with which you relate personally. You should improve rapidly with such a tutor.